Get your gears turning with Ann Chisholm's layered work.

“Communication or communicating is a theme in my work especially in the collages. I use words, numbers, and symbols to give visual hints. Morse Code is an important element in many of my pieces. Morse Code’s geometric shapes add beauty to the work, but it is also a universal way of communicating and gives the viewer something to decipher. What I’m trying to convey in a collage may be encrypted or may be nonsense.

In many ways my work is about the process. I have an idea and I give myself specific tasks to complete. Once the tasks are complete, the piece is finished. This way of working is particularly true with my striped paintings that are created in multiples using several layers of ink that is dragged across each canvas which allows for unplanned variations and the futility of the effort lend to the meaning of the work. The hope is that the viewer will have a contemplative experience.”

— Ann Chisholm, Artist Statement, 2017

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