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Bang Dang finds respite from his architecture practice by making art. He has always loved art and artists but never considered himself an “artist.” He has worked as an architect since 1998 and started his own business – FAR + DANG – in 2011. During grad school, he took a drawing class, which encouraged a loose, free-form method of drawing and reinforced his motivation to escape from straight lines in his personal work.

Bang’s art is a form of meditation and has nothing to do with buildings or his work in architecture. It features intricate line work off set by vibrant bursts of color. He blends mediums and experiments with different surface materials – watercolor, ink and pastels are layered on paper, wood or traditional canvas. The idea is to create two-dimensional “atmospheres” rather than statements. Bang is self taught and refuses to limit himself to “mastering” only one medium as he equates that to a chef learning only how to cook with one ingredient. Along the same lines, he barely considers an audience when he is creating. It is personal and simply something he does because he loves it.

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