Think beyond the surface with the work of Derek Nemunaitis.

(b. 1988, USA)

Derek Nemunaitis is a Dallas based artist who left the medical field to pursue art professionally in March of 2016. Within this short career, he has been hired to paint numerous murals around the DFW metroplex. With oil paint as his preferred media, Derek’s work is often playful and whimsical, while retaining the ability to send an important and deeper message to the viewer.

“Although I was avid towards art throughout my early childhood, I hadn’t found my current passion until March of 2014 when I experienced a fairly serious injury while training in MMA. Along with art, my sentiment towards wildlife and environmentalism grew during this time, which likely stems from one of my childhood heroes, Steve Irwin. Ultimately, I like my work to be joyful and playful, while retaining the ability to send an important and necessary message to the viewer.”

“My favorite songs are fun to listen to and give a positive vibe, yet retain the ability to send an important message to the listener. There is something about completing a piece of art that makes me feel as though I’ve created a song. Consider Electronic dance music, which is intended to make the listener feel good and dance. If lyrics are included, they have the purpose of enhancing the beat. In contrast, Hip Hop centralizes around the lyrical message and often employs these feel good, dance provoking beats with the sole purpose of assisting the lyrical message. The message commonly tackles social or economic issues expressed through metaphors and similes. That’s the type of song that I like for my art to embrace. A fun surface for a provocative and important message”


2019 | The Show Must Go On | 2018 | SemosMauldin – Canvas Dallas Hotel | Dallas, TX

2018 | Ambiguity of Guns | New Orleans Art Center | New Orleans, LA
2018 | Green Exhibition | Texas Visual Arts Association TVAA Gallery (Awarded “Best of Show” & Peoples choice award) | Dallas, TX

2017 | Conception (received Award of Excellence) | Dallas, TX

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