Change how you define beauty with paintings by Haylee Ryan.

Haylee Ryan paints people. Not exclusively, but it’s undoubtedly her preference. She paints people because it enables her to pay sincere homage to what captivates her. Haylee’s fascination with humankind and her intrinsic inclination to see beauty in every face and every body has gifted her with the rare ability to paint people vibrantly and provocatively.

Haylee Ryan’s signature style features acrylic with oil layered on top. Each portrait Haylee paints draws its audience in and initiates an almost immediate longing to know the person captured. Like the subjects of her work, Haylee unwittingly exists as an almost preternatural enigma to those aware of her and/or her art.

“My work strives to capture and show people who are not typically shown. Through a balance of spontaneity and realistic care, I would like to give people who I have encountered in my life, or through their stories, a platform to be considered beautiful. My work hopes to beg the question, ‘Who is this and what is their story?’ And I hope to surprise and delight people by the answers.”
— Haylee Ryan, 2018

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