Change how you define beauty with paintings by Haylee Ryan.

Haylee Ryan is an Oak Cliff based figure painter. She has her BA in Studio Art with a concentration in painting from the University of Dallas. She has been intrigued with the human figure, in particularly portraiture, since early education, selling her first portrait in 9th grade. She is proud to have studied under local and respected artist, Kim Owens, and to have apprenticed with artist Glenn Ness. Well-travelled and with a love of her own city, she has always been passionate about making beautiful art out of people that are typically overlooked or not considered otherwise. Haylee Ryan’s work captures the human figure in a balance of a creative loose spontaneity and an attention to careful intricate detail. She often chooses to highlight people that are not typically thought of as beautiful or not typically thought of at all. She often uses a series of layering in her paintings that reveals itself differently in various series. Her work often tells a story and often creates a feeling of nostalgia. She was recently named by the Dallas Observer one of “10 Brilliant Women in Dallas.”Haylee continues to teach elementary Art part-time in Oak Cliff, and playing in an original blues band called “Sister,” while pursuing her painting career.

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