Think twice with striking work from artistic unit Kartel.

The KARTEL group consists of 4 artists, whom prefer to be recognized as a unit: an architect, fabricator, sculptor and visual artist. These artists merge their best ideas and skills to produce a striking and thought-provoking series of hand-carved marble sculptures, paintings and art installations.

Although their main studio is based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the members of this artist group meet once a month in their Dallas, Oak Cliff studio. The balance of both places provides a habitat for greater development of ideas across their varied skills and disciplines. They each frequent the area often with many ongoing projects and are inspired by the expansiveness of Texas, and the cool design sophistication of Dallas.

Motivated by a desire to give new meaning to their every-day stories, some of their most unique work has derived from world news that impact their generation; like the passing of rock icon David Bowie. This painting was created as a sort of homage to the icon and the spirit of his music that would stay among as through his song.

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