Think outside the box with minimalist work from Kyle Steed.

Kyle is perhaps most well known for his playful typography and often colorful, always minimalist drawings. But his personal work lies in a category all its own. His quiet passion for creating art, both professionally and personally, is inspiring and has put his work in high demand – in Dallas and around the country. Even his Instagram is expertly curated and draws a substantial following, giving fans and friends a glimpse into the preoccupations of this ubiquitous artist.

Kyle and his art move outside the proverbial lines. As he puts it, “I’ve always gravitated toward the mentality of seeing the way things are… but resisting.” And as an artist, he has earned the freedom to continue to disregard the rules… but with maturity and a purpose. From transforming found objects and memorabilia into original works to using his art to wrestle with and refect on frmly held beliefs, Kyle Steed’s art is both deeply personal and generally accessible.

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